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Why Is Cross Ribbed Tmt Bar Useful For Construction?

The bar has several features that, when combined, offer maximum strength and durability to RCC structures. this bar with cross-ribbed patterns was introduced to provide better bonding with concrete. the deformed patterns provide a better grip with construction materials. This bar has a particular pattern on its outer surface called ribs and lugs or cross-ribbed patterns. the specific pattern comes in several variations and is decided according to how the TMT bar will be used and the properties that are most desired. This enhanced grip is crucial for keeping the structure intact during natural calamities such as earthquakes or floods when the stability of structures can reduce the loss of life and property.

Why Are Cross-Ribbed TMT Bars Better?

Ribbed or Deformed TMT bars, on the other hand, offer at least 40% more bond strength due to their unique pattern. These deformations make it easy for concrete to grip the steel, which gives the structure more stability and durability.

 More friction and better grip ensure that slippage of material doesn’t occur.

Especially useful in areas of RCC construction that requires high strength reinforcement bars such as multi-storied building or bridges etc


Extremely useful in regions that are seismic prone as the bonding between the steel and concrete ensures structural integrity.


For all types of construction – especially for RCC construction of larger buildings and in earthquake-prone areas – cross-ribbed TMT steel bars are highly recommended by experts across the board. There is no doubt they make the structure more robust and increases its life. No significant changes in strength with time due to aging.

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