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Advantage Of Cross-Ribbed TMT Bars

Pattern Shape

Every TMT bar comes with a particular pattern on its outer surface – called ribs and lugs or cross-ribbed pattern. The specific pattern comes in several variations and is decided according to how the TMT bar will be used and the properties that are most desired.

For example, decreasing the height of lugs makes the TMT bar more flexible, while transverse ribs binding in the longitudinal ribs leads to the highest bond, but lower bending capacity.

Better Bonding Between Concrete And Steel

The most significant advantage of cross-ribbed TMT bars is that they provide better bonding strength between steel rods and concrete. This gives the structure higher strength, especially in times of stress, such as during earthquakes or floods. Without these lugs and ribs, concrete could lose its grip leading to the collapse of the entire building. cross-ribbed TMT bars provide an extra layer of safety.

Pattern Formation

Consistency of the pattern and the technique of forming it is also an important factor you must pay attention to while selecting a cross-ribbed TMT bar. The best pattern is made with CNC notch cutting machines, which ensure uniformity in the rib pattern giving the TMT bar higher fatigue strength.

Uniform Load Distribution

The cross-ribbed pattern on TMT bars also increases the strength of the structure by distributing the load evenly across the entire length of the TMT bar.

The Bottom Line

TMT bars are undoubtedly the BEST for any RCC construction, and there is absolutely no reason why you should even consider working with ordinary bars. They are extra strong, earthquake-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and, as compared to ordinary bars, provide higher stability and strength to all types of buildings.

As compared to ordinary bars, TMT bars are stronger, more ductile, offer enhanced earthquake resistance and corrosion resistance properties and reduce cost all around. But there is more to the process than the quality of the steel; TMT bar manufacturers add ribbed patterns on the bar for better bonding with concrete. we use a unique x-shaped rib design, which has proved to offer a tighter grip between two main construction materials, i.e., steel and concrete.

Cost Reduction In Construction

Reduction in construction cost is one of the first savings you will see with cross-ribbed TMT bars. With better grip, less concrete slips off during construction, thus reducing wastage. In the long run too, high-quality TMT steel and enduring bonds between construction materials ensure that the structure lasts through its expected life cycle. Reduced maintenance costs and a complete return on building investment have resulted in indirect cost savings for decades.

Our stringent tests prove that our cross-ribbed TMT bar pattern provides better bonding with concrete without compromising on the ductility of the TMT bar.

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